You are not just another job you just give us the opportunity to create something extraordinary, unique , different , out of the box. above and beyond any typical photographer we love dealing with people , we bring out the best in everybody regardless of weight and looks you work hard for your special day finding the right outfit, jewelry, make up, we have the knowledge and tools to make you look your best


We strive for perfection we have a full staff on and off premisses from editors to art designer . our labs produce our work very quickly as per our standard we have here live people to answer any question you have . when you need it done and done fast we have the staff and capability to produce it . we offer a lot of services that no other studio does . we have in house a full production facility to serve you better 


All our photography professionals have been hand-picked by Hersh himself. whether  it Weddings, Bar-Mitzvah, engagement, commercial work, editors or art designers.


I was never trained by another studio or worked for another studio;  I am self thought with hands on experience . My vision is very unique , different, out of the box; not 1 job is the same as another. I like challenges,  I make full use of  the location where the event is. Our specialty is making something out of nothing .  Hersh is known to be the quickest shooter in the industry and his quick wit keeps everybody entertained at all times and he is great with kids and adults that have no patience. If this sounds like you, then you found the right  guy for the job; and I love what I do.


We make sure you enjoy your own affair. we are very strict to be on time of your schedule. we   stay calm and professional at all  tense moments we make it as painless as possible . and the final product we produce is 2nd to none

                                                                                                                                                                           HR & Staff

P.S. if your  still not convinced see our Testimonials. looking forward to deal with you in person